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Where is AFJ Vaping sales and support located?

Sales, customer support, and our product warehouse are all here in Shenzhen China!

Why did AFJ Vaping get into designing and manufacturing cannabis vaping hardware?...

Before AFJ Vaping, we were extractors and processors. Like you, we wanted safe, well designed, and reliable cartridges - that didn’t burn our oil. Because there was nothing on the market up to the challenge, we started manufacturing vaping devices ourselves.

How long has AFJ Vaping been around?

AFJ Vaping has designed and manufactured vaping devices since 2010. The leadership team has worked across the cannabis industry for more than 20 years.

What does AFJ Vaping stand for?

AFJ Vaping founded in 2010 is a CBD vape devices manufacturer with professional technology, reliable products and satisfactory service. Specializing in the research and development, production and sales of CBD vape pens, AFJ owns leading atomization technology, covering all markets around the world.

Does AFJ Vaping provide cartridge filling and capping solutions?

Yes! AFJ Vaping offer One-stop service.We have developed various auto-filling options to save you time, human capital, and for more precise filling and capping. Need help with your automation? Check out the AFJ Vaping Support-One-stop service Page for detailed information.
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