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AFJ Vaping Ceramic Heating Core


AFJ Vaping makes superior quality products in the vaping industry, we care about nothing but your safety, health, and best experience in mind. 

The most important point we would like you to know is that this ceramic heating core has been granted a US patent, so AFJ Vaping has the exclusive right about it.

Compared to traditional ceramic coil, AFJ Vaping patented ceramic heating core is totally cotton-free, it is more hygienic than the traditional cartridges in the market because it has a unique structural. It can be very good to avoid the burning taste and harmful substance that produced from the overheating cotton, the heat is evenly distributed and the flavor will be purer.

The oil enters from the top of the ceramic core instead of the side, and the oil inlets have been increased so that the oil can be better penetrate into the micropores of the ceramic heating core, it will bring purer taste and better cannabinoid effect.

Technology that fits your needs, AFJ Vaping must be your best choice.
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