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CBD Disposable Vape Pen

3ml Delta 8 9 10 THC Disposable Box

Model: H29 disposable vape box
Cartridge capacity: 3.0ml
Resistance: 1.4Ω
Aperture: 4*2.0mm
Battery capacity: 400mAh
Size: 76.5mm*41.2mm*19.8mm
Heating core: Patented AFJVAPING heating element 
Material of center post: Stainless Steel
Material of tank: Durable borosilicate glass
Rechargeable with Type-C charging port on the bottom
Press the button five times continuously to turn on/off the device;
Press the button to vape;
Press the button two times continuously in 1s to preheat 15 seconds;
Press the button three times continuously in 1.5s to adjust the voltage
(Blue light: 3.3V, Purple light: 3.5V, Red light: Full Voltage 3.7V)
    Delta 9 Thc Disposable Vape Factory 3ml E-cigarette Gummies

    H29 disposable vape box:
    When you first time meet this device. 
    You might feel that it looks like elfbar bc5000.
    Actually,this is for CBD THC HHC oils.
    The coil also different of using ceramic core.
    With much more technology than elf bar vape.

    About AFJ Vaping:
    As a manufacturer and supplier of ns for cannabis oil, we supply the newest and best vape pens in the market in large quantities. And we supply only high-quality vape products at competitive prices for large quantities in our GMP factory.  What‘s more, we produce not only Disposable Vape Pens, but also Vape Cartridges, Batteries, and Custom Packagings.

    Check below for detailed info about Carboo 3ml disposable vape pen:
    Unlike most of the other disposable vape pens, this rechargeable disposable vape box is equipped with food grade tank with 3ml oil capacity and the center post is made by 316 stainless steel, it‘s totally lead-free, heavy metal test passed, so it can produce the purest original taste of extracts... And Caboo is the newest launched rechargeable vape box, having a rechargeable function with a bottom type-c charging port, you never worry about wasting oil in the tank. It‘s portable, compact, light enough so you can take it anywhere, vape it any time. Another, this lead-free rechargeable disposable vape has a unique and exclusive heating coil which fits for both low & high viscosity THCO/CBD/THC/Delta 8/Delta 9 oil. What‘s more, the battery is at A grade and the big capacity is full of 400mAh so it’s powerful enough to run out of all oil filled in, no waste. As a result, it’s the greatest Delta 8 vape that will bring you the greatest vaping experience and effects of CBD/THC/Delta 8/Delta 9 and etc.

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